We give information comfort to our customers so they can make better business decisions.

We seek and believe in building long-term partnerships.

We are a fully Bulgarian marketing research and consulting company, established in 2013.

Since our establishment, we have supported more than 200 clients from various sectors in making important strategic decisions.

At the end of each project, we ask ourselves, "So what?" and by searching for its answer, we arrive at those insights to pass on to our clients.

Our experience

We know well the different sectors in which we have been working for the last 10 years.  

Finance and insurance - 111 projects
Retail (shopping centers and malls) - 87 projects
Pharmaceutical - 78 projects
Automotive industry - 60 projects
Бързооборотен сектор - 57 projects
Logistics and Transportation - 54 projects
Cosmetic products and household chemicals - 51 projects
IT, BPO, and high tech - 48 projects
Industrial products and services - 30 projects
Other - 24 projects

BluePoint celebrates 10 years

How we work

We use our experience and look for an opportunity to look critically in order to achieve higher efficiency.



Each project for us is a new professional and business challenge that we approach individually.



Стъпвайки на управленските цели, от една страна, и на опита ни, от друга, предлагаме оптимален и ресурсощадящ клиентите ни подход.



We analyze the data so that it is "readable" for our customers.



At the end of each project, we provide an expert opinion and a specific answer to the question: So what? 

BluePoint solutions

Results that resolve

Classical research approaches

Използваме пълния набор от популярни маркетингови методи и подходи за добив на нужната информация.


Specific research approaches

At BluePoint, we are constantly upgrading the information our customers need. That's why we create our own products in different directions.


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