Specific research approaches

At BluePoint, we are constantly upgrading the information our customers need. That's why we create our own products in different directions.

Possible researches:


NPS research

Research, stepping on the popular NPS score, that we have conducted so far for sectors such as:

AB tracker

AB tracker

AB Brand Tracking is a regular information product created by BluePoint in collaboration with the media agency Argent. The objects of research are 26 product categories, and main marketing indicators such as popularity, frequency of purchase, image, and media behavior are monitored. The study is now in its third year, conducted every 3 months, and we have data from 12 waves. This allows to take both a picture of a specific market and the position of the main brands, as well as follow the dynamics of the market. 

Hands of product manager making corrections on interface image

UX tests for websites, mobile apps, and e-commerce

Being recognizable and user-friendly in the digital space is key to success. In this regard, we have created a proven approach to diagnosing and subsequently providing guidance for improving a website or e-shop.

Employer branding

The creation of an employer brand is related to a specific approach and methodology for researching both external and internal company audiences. Thanks mainly to companies from the IT and BPO sectors, we have developed a specific approach based on motivational models and brand image. The projects end with specific recommendations to management and the HR department for developing the employer brand and improving employee engagement.


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